Tiny Treats & Zomi Gems

ZOMI GEMS was created in 2016, not long after my second baby girl was born.  I have always been obsessed with baby girls. I love dressing them up in the latest fashion and anything cute that catches my eye. However, one thing I always struggle with is finding fashion Jewelry for my baby girls. It seemed like I could never find nice jewelry that was both fashionable and affordable. Not too long after that realization, I decided to create Zomi Gems. Zomi Gems is really for any kind of special girl. They are thoughtful, simple, and affordable jewelry and the best part is that there is a unique meaning behind each and every gem. Each little child can wear their own birth month color, or attach their siblings, friends, parents gem as well. It is a great way to somehow feel close to their loved ones and think about them no matter where they are. What’s even better is that Moms can wear Zomi Gems as well! Moms also can link up all their children’s birth month gems and wear a simple and beautiful bracelet throughout their day-to-day lives. I kept my jewelry simple but meaningful, and hope that it brings happiness and joy for everyone who has them on!