Freezy Freakies Empress Color Changing Gloves - Small

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New (old) gloves for '20! Empress aka Princess aka Queen Bee aka Goddess of the Whole Entire Universe. No matter what you call this lady, she definitely rules the roost. And she's got all the toys befitting a ruler of her ilk: geometric jewelry, a killer headband, a castle and most importantly, a bubble-gum pink moat! 
  • Available in kid & adult sizes: see Sizing Guide link above
  • Water-resistant fabric: Power Blue (not a typo)
  • Super-soft microfleece lining: as nice on the inside as the outside
  • Totally gnarly midlayer: according to our lab technicians, the insulating midlayer makes the glove warm and (in science speak) “mad snuggly”  
  • Contents: front shell: polyamide; back shell and palm patch: polyurethane, polyester; interlining and lining: polyester
  • Imported
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