Freezy Freakies Slap Shot Color Changing Gloves - Small

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New (old) gloves for '20! It turns out that more than a few Freezy Freakies fans are also hockey fans, judging by the amount of disappointment we've generated over the years by not having these available. Since we didn't need anyone dropping their gloves and going skate-to-skate with us over that issue, we waved the white flag and finally gave in this season. The hockey gloves are officially back from the '80s!  
  • Available in kid & adult sizes: see Sizing Guide link above
  • Water-resistant fabric color: Black Ice
  • Super-soft microfleece lining: as nice on the inside as the outside
  • Totally gnarly midlayer: according to our lab technicians, the insulating midlayer makes the glove warm and (in science speak) “mad snuggly”  
  • Contents: front shell: polyamide; back shell and palm patch: polyurethane, polyester; interlining and lining: polyester
  • Imported
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